Rites of Passage & Beautillion


What We're About

The Rites of Passage is a biennial 5 month journey which young men and their female escorts participate in monthly life skill workshops such as: Entrepreneurship Social Etiquette,  Mental Health & Hygiene and Financial Literacy.

Before the young men are presented in a non-traditional cotillion for males, they will undergo a ceremonial Rites of Passage adapted from West African tradition, marking their transition from adolescence to young adulthood. Five-month journey culminates in a formal black-tie ceremony to present the participants to the community in the spring.


Natalie Clunis

2019-2020 Rites of Passage Co-Chair

Denise Bruce

2019-2020 Rites of Passage & Beautillion Chair

Beryl Miles

2019-2020 Rites of Passage Co-Chair

Important Deadlines

October 20, 2019


November 3, 2019

Application Due


Rites of Passage

June 5, 2020


Jun 05, 8:00 PM
96-43 Springfield Blvd, Queens Village, NY 11429, USA

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