HBCU College Tour

Our long standing College Tour will help students on their journey to making their college decision. As well as promote our international theme of HBCU 4 Life and the importance of of supporting historically black colleges and universities.

Courtesy of Life Magazine: In this photo is beloved  Ivy Rose Foundation, Incorporated late member Katherine "Kitty" Solomon. This photo was taken at Howard University.

J. Marjory Jackson Performing Arts Scholarship

Our signature scholarship program, is a performing arts scholarship competition in which high school seniors and college freshmen are able to showcase their vocal, dance, theater or musical talents.

Rites of Passage/Beautillion

The Rites of Passage and Beautillion Program has been a staple for over 22 years. This program will focus on high school students. The participants will participate in quality programs to help them reach their lifelong goals.

Ivy Awards

The Ivy Awards is a Biennial event where monetary awards are presented to organizations that have made a positive impact on the Brooklyn Community.

Past Programs

Volunteers Packing Food
Volunteering with Childrenjpg

Food Pantry Outreach

On November 23, 2016 Ivy Rose Foundation, Inc. partnered with The Pentecostal House of Prayer to serve Thanksgiving dinner to over 200 community residents  and assist with the churches food panty.

Rosa T. Weatherless Camp Fund

Ivy Rose Foundation, Inc. supports various camps in the Brooklyn community in honor of our beloved guiding light Rosa T. Weatherless. Prior beneficiaries include Concord Baptist Church of Christ, the Brooklyn Music School and the Bedford-Stuyvesant YWCA.


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